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Our Top 5 Retro Cycling Jerseys
10th Oct 2019

Our Top 5 Retro Cycling Jerseys

Top 5 Retro Cycling Jerseys

5. Edelweiss - Maglia Nera (The Black Jersey)

The black jersey was ‘won’ by the last ranked ‘Tour of Italy’ rider. Pella Sportswear has re-created this famous Italian cycling jersey in honour of this historical team and its rider Luigi Malabrocca. The clean black look with hints of the famous Giro D'Italia Rosa colour.4. BLB - Brick Lane Bikes Wool Jersey

A magnificent vintage inspired jersey produced for Brick Lane Bikes in merino wool and acrylic for a durable and easy care. The product is as always “pure made in Italy” and handcrafted. 

BLB Retro Wool Jersey

3. Cerchi Nisi

A brand with a history of wheel building in Italy, Clean and distinctive design that looks great in any retro event. 

Cerchi Retro Jersey

2. The Cinzano Wool Cycling Jersey 

Join Team Cinzano! Become part of the unique Italian professional team that competed during the 70’s and 80’s! Made famous in the 1979 Oscar-awarded film “Breaking Away”, thanks to exclusive licensing between Pella and Cinzano, you can wear this historic ensemble today. The rare vintage cycling jersey will take you back in time to experience some of the best memories this sport produces.

Cinzano Wool Jersey

1. La Mitica Short Sleeve Jersey

La Mitica, which translates as ‘The Legend’, is a historical race exclusively cycled using vintage bikes! It was named in honour of the legendary cyclist Faust Coppi. The event takes places in the extraordinary hills where Fausto and Serse Coppi lived, trained and breathed cycling. The event re-captures the essence of man and nature, while promoting leisurely non-competitive cycling.

As kindly reviewed by Cyclist Magazine "The cool cyan colouring coupled with the iconic tricolour of Italy give the jersey a light and refreshing retro feel" 

La Mitica Fausto Coppi Retro Cycling JerseyDon't forget each of our retro cycling jerseys has matching bib shorts, long sleeve jerseys and retro cycling caps available.