Pella Mortirolo Short Sleeve Jersey


The Pella sportswear clothing has yet again received another fantastic review from with the short sleeve Mortirolo receieving a solid 9/10. 

The review was summed up "Really well made with close attention to detail that easily justifies the price; looks just as good as it feels"

The full review on the website can be found here. 

The Pella Mortirolo cycling jersey features a lightweight and soft CoolMax fabric, full length cam lock zip with covers. Furthermore 3 good sized rear pockets with additional zip pocket for keys, phone etc ensure you can carry most essentials.

As with all Pella cycling clothing the short sleeve jersey benefits from Pella's strict quality guarantee including:

  • Water based inks - Pella never use solvent based inks, the long term effects on humans is unknown and they are not environmentally friendly. Water based inks are safer and have no impact on the final printed quality.
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing - The factory is 100% powered by solar energy and where possible verything is recycled.
  • Italian fabrics with strict certifitcation - All Pella fabrics have passed the strict certifcation for quality and safety.
  • 100% made in Italy - As always Pure made in Italy since 1980!

More information on these fantastic cycling jerseys can be found on our website and can be purchased online here.