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Why Pella cycling apparel?
23rd Oct 2018

Why Pella cycling apparel?

Pella Sportswear based in the famous textile region of Biella, Italy is a family run business started in 1980. Husband and wife, Franco and Lordena both very experienced in the textile industry put to to use thier knowledege and skills to found the Pella Sportswear brand. The Pella name originates from Lordena's family member Adriano Pella, a well known name in the pro peloton at the time. 

Pella today is still based in Italy and with both Franco and Lordena are still involved, although their son Andrea has now become the main driving force of the business. The company ethos revolves and prioritises the following:

  • Producing quality cycling clothing 100% made in Italy.
  • Environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced textiles and production.
  • Leading the use of automated production.

What difference does this make to Pella cycling clothing?

Made in Italy Quality - Pella pride themseleves on being of the few companies still producing entriely within their own factory still in Italy.  The fabrics, inks, paper and finishes are always sourced in Italy and this guarauntees that all our clothing retains the synomous made in Italy quality.

Environmental friendly production, a factor that has always been taken seriously but becoming more prevalent today. The factory runs entirely on solar energy while production is focued on reducing wastage and recycling all over cuts of fabrics and paper. 

OEKO-TEX Certified clothing - Pella are complaint and work to the strict standards of OEKO-TEX® to guarantee safe and quality cycling apparel.

The lesser known area considered by many is the quality and sourcing of textiles, inks and production. The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 was introduced at the beginning of the 1990s in response to the demand of the general public for textiles which are harmless to health. "Poison in textiles" and other negative headlines were widespread at this time and indiscriminately branded all chemicals used in textile manufacturing as negative and dangerous to health. Safe and chemical free cyclinbg clothing.