Cinzano Summer Cycling Gloves

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Cinzano Cycling Summer Gloves

  • Summer gloves ERGO
  • Anatomical and aerodynamic
  • Padded palm
  • Insert between fingers for easy removal

The ERGO summer gloves features elongated wrists and essential padding for the perfect shock absorber.

Pella sportswear present Cinzano Cycling Summer Gloves

The most famous CNeritif in Italy has recently seen a big resurgence in the UK. This bubbly orange drink provides subtle notes of bitters, herbs yet a sweet orange note to provide a truly unique flavour. The brand is marketed around a fun, social, trendy and young crowd.  

Pella Sportswear have successfully re-created this feel with this truly stunning and bright cycling kit. The vibrant orange and subtle bubbles included in the design make this a really cool and fun kit to be wearing! Join the trend! 

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