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Custom Clothing

Custom Clothing for Cycling, Running and Triathlon

Rosa Sport are pleased to provide the high quality performance custom clothing lines from Pella Sportswear. We provide an extensive range of their custom clothing for cycling, triathlon and running to: teams, charities, events and brands.

We can ensure your club, brand or event is instantly recognised with our made to order custom clothing. All of the Pella Sportswear clothing is carefully made 100% in their modern factory in northern Italy. Utilising sublimation printing, any number of colours, logos and detailing can be achieved with no discolouration or fading.

Set your team apart with the outstanding custom cycling clothing collection from Pella Sportswear. Over 30 years of experience with team wear Pella are not afraid to set the standard. The level of customisation, technology and quality are second to none.

If you are looking for professional quality custom cycling team wear then look no further. Whether you are a club, brand or event we aim to provide a range of kit to meet any budget or style. 

We offer a bespoke service to every one of our customers however small or large. The select range has been developed to meet the highest of demands for any club or professional team, while allowing a full personalisation of every garment.

Why Pella Sportswear Custom Clothing

1. Comfort: We aim to source and manufacture cycling clothing that is designed to enhance the comfort of our users. Pella use state of the art technical fabric for your garments, fabrics are designed to transport moisture away from the body to leave the skin cool and dry.

2. Innovation: Pella work closely with professional athletes, teams and clubs to develop their range. Furthermore they invest heavily in R&D and the majority of their garment development is undertaken in partnership with University testing labs.

3. Passion: Since 1980 Pella have been producing high quality custom cycling clothing, their market share and business has continued to expand. The family run business is not without it's own history of cycling, with family members gracing the tour of Italy. The continued love for cycling is evdient in their passion for everything cycling!

4. Italian Craftsmanship Italy is reown for its style and Pella is no exception, they use state of the art fabrics to create and refine stylish garments. They work with global brands and teams to develop and design beautiful cycling clothing. Of course their attention to detail is like no other.

5. Customisation: Clothing for running, triathlon and cycling, Pella Sportswear's custom clothing program is like no other. The level of customisation including: fit, style, colours, fabrics, name printing, zips and pads.

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