Edelweiss Cycling Bib Shorts

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Edelweiss Cycling Bib Shorts

Edelweiss was a professional cycling team that competed during the 1940’s in Italy. In 1948 infamous rider Luigi Malabrocca rode for the team, he is the only rider to win the notorious black jersey twice! The black jersey was ‘won’ by the last ranked ‘Tour of Italy’ rider. 

The jersey became particularly famous because of  the rivalry between riders Luigi Malabrocca and Sante Carollo. In an effort to lose as much time as possible and become the winner of the black jersey, the two riders used some rather extreme tactics such as hiding in bars, barns and deliberately creating mechanical problems.

Since the Edelweiss team and brand no longer exists, Pella Sportswear has re-created this famous clothing in honour of this historical team and its rider Luigi Malabrocca.

Edelweiss Cycling Bib Shorts

• Anatomic ROS cut
• Silicone anti slip at the end of the leg
• Meryl Lycra mesh in the braces for an extraordinary breathability
• LYCRA POWER SPORT 215g/m2 fabric for a prolonged muscular support

Available sizes Man/Woman: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Child: 01, 02, 03

The fabric tested and selected for the Bib short is: Lycra Power
An intensive study over 5 years at the 'Institute of Sports Medicine Penn State University, USA, revealed the potential of "Lycra ® Power" in shorts. Athletes generated on average 12% more power "Lycra Power ®" Mechanisms influenced by sports clothing certified "Lycra Power ®" • Reduced oscillation of the muscles: improves endurance and thus delaying onset of fatigue • Resistance: optimisation of the power of the muscles • Accuracy of movements: improves the accuracy of repetitive movements.

The selected pad is COOLMAX H:
A thermoformed pad that prevents folds, it consists of a single piece that is flexible and lightweight. The pad is made of polyester microfiber and designed to fit the contours of the body permitting natural movement. COOLMAX H is produced with a high frequency process that avoids hardening and scarring caused by the high temperatures used in the normal processes of modelling. It is shaped with different thicknesses to provide more protection where needed while guaranteeing softness and comfort. In order to ensure permanent protection against bacteria the pad fabric is antibacterial.

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