Menebrea Winter Cycling Jacket

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Pella sportswear present Winter Cycling Jacket Menebrea.

Quality, tradition and know-how are the strengths of Menabrea Beer. A premium beer based on hand-crafted traditions which has been winning awards for over 160 years! These awards recognise the quality of the Biella water, the carefully chosen hops, the nurtured strains of yeast, the malt and most of all the dedication of the master brewer and those in all fields of production.

Winter Cycling Jacket Menebrea

• Anatomical cut
• Raglan sleeves
• Full zip
• 3 external pockets
• Silicone anti slip in the waist line
• Excellent breathability

 The fabric chosen is:


TWIND features dynamic breathability

 What does it mean? It has the ability to adjust the intensity of transpiration.

more movement = more sweat = more transpiration

less movement = less sweat = less breathability and less heat loss

Thanks to this intelligent behaviour the fabric reduces the heat loss by ensuring the maintenance of body temperature and creating more comfort especially during the colder periods.

In addition the membrane is :

- Windproof
- Thermal
- Windproof
- Good moisture control
- Thin and lightweight
- Elastic


- Enclosed structure
- Hydrophilic membrane
- 300% elasticity
- Resistance to washing


- Water and wind proof
- Temperature control with active transport of sweat
- Maximum strength and durability-lasting features

Available sizes
Man/Woman: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Child: 01, 02, 03

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